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Neil last night

If you want the full details go to innesownworld

This is what happened last night...

I met my friend Colin at The Drill Hall Theatre just before 7PM, then we waiting in the bar area until we were let into the small theatre.

Ronnie Golden introduced himself and sang "Shoe Boom" a very funny song based on that idiot who tried to blow up a plane by setting light to his trainers. It is done in the doo wop 1950's style of singing. So the do wop song "Sh-sh-sh boom" becomes "Shoe bomb"

Then the very attractive blonde producer Claire(?) Jones said a few words. And Ronnie's group RONNIE AND THE REX entered the stage. Followed by the whole radio cast: NEIL INNES, ELEANOR BRON, GRAHAME GARDEN, CLIVE SWIFT etc The only person missing was PAULA WILCOX. PAM AYRES took Paula's place.

Theme tune "The Right Time" performed by RONNIE & THE REX

4. NEIL & Graham You're getting more conservative
5. NEIL/Graham & others I saw John Lennon in 1965
7. NEIL/? Hello is anyone there
11. NEIL & Acting refined (actress/actors)
14. NEIL & Eleanor Bed-Friday night
16. NEIL INNES (only song of the evening by NEIL) "Say Sorry Again" featuring NEIL on keyboards and the drummer from Ronnie & The Rex
19. Eleanor/NEIL (as Richard) Up for adoption
26. NEIL/Graham Fatherly chat
28. RONNIE & THE REX theme tune "The Right Time"

Then the producer entered the stage & said they needed to do five re-takes. So little bits of 5 different sketches were performed again.

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